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LOG ENTRY ONE - About "Electric Lenses"

Updated: Jan 31

How the Album came to be

“Electric Lenses”. 

A body of art that I worked tirelessly to create and execute across the board. 

With that being said, I can’t even begin to talk about this project without first talking about my amazing teammate through this process. My engineer, producer/co-producer on this project, Jace Limb.

Jace and I became friends through our mutual connection to MoonCulture Films (a New Jersey based film Company), as well as playing a bunch of shows with the Rock band he’s associated with, Cook Thugless. 

After playing multiple events and killing every single one, it was only natural that our creative energy would transition smoothly into working and recording music together on a regular basis.

With no real sense of direction, Jace & I started recording random ideas we had, whether those ideas stemmed from Jace’s abstract production catalog, or from my voice memos full of random song ideas and poetry.

It didn’t take many session for us to make a very special record. 

A record that would unknowingly be the seed, and the core of this Album. 

That record would serve to become not only the intro to this project, but the title of it as well.  

“Electric Lenses”.

From the jump, Jace and I knew the song was different, and strangely representative of what we thought to be a “futuristic” HipHop inflection that we had never heard before.

That record and the conversation around it would spark my idea to make the collection of songs we would come to create, into a conceptual album. 

Something that connected raw emotional music, with the idea of being trapped in a Virtual Reality System, which tied into the title of the intro, “Electric Lenses”, but also tied into our current day reality in the sense that, as a society, we are always “trapped”, or locked into our virtual lives in this social media age.

So we began tracking more, but not necessarily with the concept in mind, as we didn’t want that to shape our direction. 

My ultimate goal was to make music that was as real and as true to myself as possible, then build the concept around that work. 

When I write or produce anything, I try not to think too hard about it. 

My motto is, if it takes more than an hour to write, then I am forcing it, and that’s something I hate doing because when someone forces music, you can always hear it.

I wanted to make sure I gave this body of work my all, while trying to implement new sounds and ideas. One of those new ideas was to possibly attempt incorporating my poetry into the seams of the project.

For a few years now, poetry has been a big part of my life. Whether I was reading it, listening to it, or secretly writing it, the sweet science matched with the sheer simplicity of poetry and how it translated into everyday life was something that always grabbed my attention. 

So when it came to tying the whole concept together and implementing some of my own writing along side the script of the album, whether it be for a promotional visuals, or within the project itself, testing out the idea was a no brainer, and I was confident it would only enhance the listening experience and bring this project to life.

After recording the Poetry with Jace, tackling the script for the project and arranging everything was probably the easiest part, (although we had TONS of trouble finding the right voice to give the Mother Board of the ELECTRIC LENSES program at first). 

I made this body of work in my 24th year of life. My “Kobe Year” as me and my friends would say, so I want to dedicate this body of work to Kobe Bryant, as he was one of my biggest inspirations in life, and part of the reason I keep pushing forward no matter what.. 

I am 25 now, but the emotions I was feeling in that time period are FOREVER trapped in these records.

From the intro of the record, “Electric Lenses”, all the way through songs like, “Give & Take”, “Afraid”, & the outro, “Mazes”, all these songs mean so much to me, and I hope they help you find your way in life no matter who you are, what you do, or where you’re from.

This is for everyone!

With Love, 

Danny Delavie AKA - USER 843

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